The Toughest Footrace on the Planet, Sahara.

January 17, 2009


Our video becomes the most watched MdS video on YouTube!


We are back!

We made it to the finish line and made it back home safe and sound, and we have posted our final report on the journal page for you to read.

Thank you all for your support for us and our chosen charity Portfield School for Autistic Children, Wessex Autistic Society.


In the papers!




We are off!

The race starts on Sunday 29 April and finishes on 4 April. We will be back in the UK from the 6th.

Please keep an eye on the journal page for updates, we are able to send one email per day (on one of the 10 computers between 900 competitors!) so I will try to email, which will get posted here, as often as I can.

Also, you can message us during the race through http://www.darbaroud.com and our running numbers are 680 (Tom) and 717 (Adam Chan-Jun).

See you on the other side!


Adam is the youngest out of the 241 MdS 2009 competitors from the UK !

Runner numbers published :

717    PARK    (Adam) Chan-Jun    KOR

Please see the introduction below and browse through the “Pages” section to find out about our challenge and our cause as well as other interesting information about the race and our preparation.

We would appreciate it greatly if you would take a little time to visit the “Our Cause” section to read about our charity, The Wessex Autistic Society, and also www.justgiving.com/runningwithcamels to contribute towards our charity fundraising.

Thank you again for visiting our site and hope you enjoy it!


On the 26th March 2009, we will be starting a six-day race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco with around 800 other people, known as the Marathon Des Sables. It covers around 240km/150 miles (in daily sections of 25, 34, 38, 82, 42, 22 km) run over 6 days – equivalent to 5 1/2 regular marathons.

Last year temperatures reached 48 degrees in the middle of the day, and the terrain will be a mixture of rock, sand, and stones. We will be carrying everything we need for the duration (apart from a tent) on our backs (food, clothes, medical kit, sleeping bag etc). Water is rationed and handed out at each checkpoint.

We are raising money for Portfield School for children with autism, where Tom’s 8-year old niece Sophie, goes to school. Donations through the Wessex Autistic Society, the charity which runs the school, are essential for covering all capital costs, and we are trying to raise as much as possible for this very worthy cause. You can donate online at www.justgiving.com/runningwithcamels.

If you would like to know more about the Marathon Des Sables, and what we will be putting ourselves through, then the website is www.saharamarathon.co.uk.

Please donate as much as you can – every penny helps!


Tom and Adam.

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